Top Qualities We Want In A Mate…

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Guys, gals, and dating (Photo credit: greg z)

(by Rob Writer)

Yes, Spring is in the air, (sadly mixed with a good bit of allergens)! But that’s not what we’re talking about here and now.

Love, my friends, is the topic! A fresh start with a new partner, a rekindling of sorts with an old flame…whatever. The point is our hearts have “romance on the brain”…

No doubt, volumes have been compiled, debated, discovered, and shared on this whole “love and let love” thing. And yet, we still can’t seem to clearly define just how the whole attraction thing works.

That said, in today’s post, we’re gonna take yet another swipe at trying to determine just what it is that men look for in women, and vise-versa. It’s no easy task, to be sure…

I’ve enlisted the help of the fine folks at “” for some advice. After all, who knows more about the business of love than a bunch of news people? Actually, they are taking information from a survey company, MarketTools, Inc., working in conjunction with the popular dating site as the data was reported on USA Today.

Better take notes, there’s a test following the post, if we ever get to it!

Now, what we’re driving at is this. Since we are out there looking at romantic possibilities, wouldn’t it be nice to know just what the opposite sex is looking for? What are the most important things by which we are being “sized up?”

Well, by way of all those people mentioned above, here’s a listing of what matters most in making a good impression with the guys and gals. See what you think:

The Top 10 things men look at are:

1. Teeth (58%). No surprise there…

2. Grammar (55%). Really? No way! She can talk however, and it don’t really matter none.

3. Hair (51%). Yep, now we’re back on track. “Hurtin’ hair” really hurts…(???)

4. Clothes (45%). Got to wear good threads, no question.

5. Tattoos (40%). The report doesn’t say if 40% like or dislike them. What’s up with that?

Numbers 6-10 are minimal, but they are such things as accent, shoes, the car, and electronic devices. Each category is below 19% so let’s not burn a lot of paper on them.

The Top 10 things women look at are:

1. Teeth (71%). Jeez, better get those whitening strips out guys!

2. Grammar (69%). With women, they do care how articulate and well stated a man is, believe it.

3. Clothes (58%). “Dress to impress” where romance is concerned…(You can “slack-back” later)!

4. Hair (52%). Well kept and clean…

5. Nails/Hands (51%). A manicured look is recommended. They “dig delightful digits!”

Numbers 6-10 include: Tattoos, shoes, car, accent, and electronic stuff. The highest concern of these is the “ink,” at (34%), again not saying if they like them or not.

And so we conclude our fast and dirty look at this all important information. No, it’s probably not going to change the course of human events…then again, this information could help to “rock” somebody’s world! And it may all begin right here.

Good luck out there to everyone this Spring…