Our 7 Most Common Lies…

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(by Rob Writer)

Now I’m not into lying…and that’s the truth! No, really, it is. I have a strong spiritually based belief system and that’s that.

Have I lied? Of course. I’m not perfect. Despite how we may work at it, sometimes even the most opposed to such ways will slip. And the number of us who tell a lie, easily or with great angst, is very surprising…

One report on a major news network revealed that over 90 percent of people tell a lie every day! Of course, the main stream news media tells a lot of lies themselves, or so I’ve been told…unless THAT is a lie!

But in looking at this on the “net,” I found some information on “thehuffingtonpost.ca” as to what people most lie about. I figure they are legit enough to be trusted here, and its my call because its my article!

So then, what can we learn from this Huffington Post article? Well, let’s have a look!

These are the top lies we tell on a regular basis:

1. (Smoking)

There is so much “bad press” about the ill effects of smoking on our health, and the health of others who are around smokers. It almost makes us out to be criminals if we confess to having this habit! “But I’m trying to quit” you say…lie number two! You may WANT to quit, but that’s not the same as actually doing it. Take that from an “ex-smoker” himself.

2. (Weight)

Oh the ladies are so much more guilty of this lie than anyone! They say it’s because of “social pressures.” In a survey conducted in 2011, a full 68% of women lied about their weight on their driver’s licenses. They justify it by saying that “withheld” information isn’t lying. Ever hear of “lying by way of omission?” Really, it’s a lie no matter how you slice it!

3. (Age)

Well both sexes are guilty here. When we were younger, we told people we were older. But when we get older, we tell others we are younger! A really crummy problem indeed. We all lie about age, most often at work, on dating profiles, and to that youngster who thinks we are “like, majorly old!” Wait until you really can’t remember how old you are. Then it’s just a “mistake.”

4. (Alcohol Consumption)

Have you ever met anyone who will tell you straight up they’ve had 10 beers and 8 shots? Yes you say? Well, truth is they probably had 12 beers and 12 shots! Most people won’t “fess” up to how much nor how often they drink. Word of caution here: At least be honest with your doctor!

5. (Flossing Teeth)

Wow, this one surprises me. I get the first three, but flossing? Yet this is important enough to many of us that surveys show about 40 percent of us lie about brushing our teeth three times a day, while 25 percent lie about flossing…(really, do most people brush THREE times a day?)

6. (Praying)

Now this makes no sense to me. Even among the religious folks, we don’t pray often enough. And when we do, it’s usually when we are in trouble or want something. Maybe we can throw in a meal time prayer. Yet we want others to believe we pray much more often, so we lie about it. Ironic…we lie about prayer, but we should pray about lying!

7. (Cheating)

OKAY…here we go! I knew something like this would show up eventually. Now who among us is going to admit we cheated until the evidence is overwhelming, or we become wracked with unbearable guilt? However, until one or both of these happens, (baring getting caught in the act), we LIE, LIE, and LIE some more! And for those who believe men are more at fault here, a study finds that not only do women do their share of cheating, but they are better liars about it. Hey, don’t “kill the messenger, its scientific fact…

So were you surprised at these? Shocked? Well, I figured most of them out. But there were a couple of “whammies” in there. Best thing to do is to just tell the truth, then you have nothing to explain or seek forgiveness for later…