Obama’s Delima…

Official photographic portrait of US President...

US President Barack Obama (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(by Rob Writer)

I have never cared much for Mr. Obama as America’s leader. I didn’t vote for him in either of the two Presidential elections. There was just something “tricky” about him, insincere perhaps.

He just didn’t seem to have the experience necessary to back up his promises.

Granted, our country was in bad shape when he first took office in January, 2009.

Unemployment was through the roof. People couldn’t beg, borrow, or steal employment. We were losing our homes. We were weighed down with record-setting national debt. War veterans were forced to live on the streets, and health care was too expensive.

The number of problems we faced as a nation went on and on.

Mr. Obama promised change, sweeping change in fact! He set forth to help fix things. However, with almost every endeavor he attended to, failure resulted. He blamed the Republicans; They pushed back. The outcome was, (and continues to be), a complete shut down of government.

When he campaigned for a second term, he made more promises to anyone and everyone who had money, or who could help him with a special interest vote. Obviously that worked well for the adept politician, Americans re-elected him…

Still, 100 days into his second term, not much has changed. In fact, some things have declined even further. In a report on “foxnews.com,” writer Chris Stirewalt shares some interesting information with us. He reports that the predominately liberal Democratic base is not happy with their President Obama. The article says:

“Despite…the President’s boldly liberal vision and broad promises after his re-election, liberal Democrats are feeling crabby about Obamism these days. A largely unchecked genocide in Syria, an ever-escalating drone warfare program, a botched effort for gun control, fumbling implementation of the new health law, defeats on fiscal policy and the President’s seeming acceptance of business as usual in Washington are causing alarm on the left. What is the use of having a crusading liberal president if he won’t crusade or can’t win when he does?”

What use indeed!

Now we must add to the indictments above the virtually unchanged rate of unemployment, a continued lack of sufficient job growth, a sequester which has failed miserably, and no meaningful headway concerning our nation’s suffocating debt crisis. One could say this government under the “leadership” of Mr. Obama resembles the “blood feud” of the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s!

However, I have to concede one point. Our President is one heck of a joke teller! He was ON FIRE at the Correspondent’s dinner the other night…


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