6 Reasons To “Call It Quits”…

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I don’t know of anyone who has not faced this situation in their life…

 The breakup of a marriage or dating relationship is usually miserable no matter which part you play; the “breaker” or the “breakee!” Even if a person can’t wait to get away from someone, there can be some moments of sorrow, either for yourself or for the feelings of the other person.

Oddly enough, some couples can’t (or don’t want to) see that things are over between them. There can be various reasons for this, but we won’t go into them here.

What we will be looking at, however, are some of the signs that a relationship is either dead, or well on its way to dying. I’ve enlisted the help of “livenlearn87.hubpages.com” to give us some indicators that a love has pretty much “flat-lined.” Let’s take a look:

1. You Fight More Than Ever. 

Remember when things were “light and delightful” between you? Nice, huh. However, there can come a day when all of those feelings have vanished, and in their place is a lot of garbage, stress, and angry words. Sometimes a couple may decide to talk it out or seek counseling. It may or may not help, but usually if arguing is the “rule of the day,” you might just consider moving on.

2. One Or Both People Won’t Compromise.

No relationship works without some flexibility on the part of both people. If things have gotten to the point where compromise isn’t in your “couples dictionary,” and discussions lead nowhere, it may be time to get out. Who needs the stress?

3. You Wish You Could Change The Other Person.

A loving, workable relationship usually results in a growing appreciation of who your partner is and what qualities they possess. When you spend more time looking on the shortcomings and faults of your mate, the red flags are up for sure! Even if the two of you were once compatible, sadly people grow apart. However, when they do, that is usually the result of neglect along the way. This sign says it’s time to “repair or replace.” 

4. You Don’t Feel Respected or Appreciated Anymore.

This one really stings. Other than the hurt of cheating, feeling “worthless” in the sight of your partner gnaws at your very self-esteem. What’s more, the longer this feeling is allowed to go on, the worse it can become. Only you can decide how much more to take in a case like this. But if you can’t see things changing for the better, you deserve to free yourself from serious potential damage.

5. Your Lover Has Been Unfaithful.

As we mentioned in #4, this act is usually in the top two or three worst things one person can do to another. In most cases, when someone seeks out a person other than you for attention or affection, it’s a sure sign that something has gone way wrong in your relationship. Sometimes, people try to repair this kind of injury and are successful. More often, however, even if the two of you work through it, the incident will always loom somewhere in the background. 

6. You Have Been Abused.

No matter the kind of abuse, (i.e. physical, verbal, etc.), this is a most concerning and dangerous matter to contend with! Yet the offended person may stay in the relationship for one reason or another! However, understand this much: The chances of further abuse are just around the corner. According to “Wikianswers.com,” it is likely that even if an abuser stops one kind of assault, they find another form of revile to take its place. It is probably best to get away from this relationship altogether!

Of course, even if you find one or more of these things in your relationship, you can always decide to try to work through problems. But unless there was an overall quality in the union at some point, successful reconciliation is not likely. The chance of any kind of lasting “fix” may already be gone according to the experts.

Only you can decide what to do. But the experts state with a good bit of certainty that any or all of the above conditions signal that the end of a relationship has already arrived. Just be honest with yourself when assessing your romantic circumstances…


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