Why Do My Co-workers Hate Me?

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Just another work day…(Photo credit: slworking2)

(by Rob Writer)

How many of us thought the “in crowd” was only a school thing? For a lot of us, school was just as much about fitting in with the cool kids as it was about getting class work done!

However,  just when you graduated and thought all that was over, you enter the work force and…BAM…you’re up against “peer pressure” all over again! 

There’s just one thing. The standards for cutting it in school aren’t the same as in the work place. So the question becomes how do I fit in now? Or maybe we ask ourselves ‘why people don’t seem to like me at work?’ 

Well, today we’re going to see if we can shed some light on that topic. Since we can find everything on the “Net,” there is a plethora of information to ponder. Below are 8 of the top things which help to make us an outcast at the office.

1. The “Slob Rob” effect…

Do you have a half eaten taco sitting next to your keyboard? Does your coffee cup look more like a petri dish? Are there stacks of files all over the place? Is your phone the one which nobody will touch? Then it’s official, you have a case of “cubicle-crud!” 

And what’s with the grunge look thing? Clothes wrinkled, messy hair, and nobody else got the memo on the “optional shower” day. Wake up people! A clean work area and good personal hygiene are a must on the job. So, unless you work at home everyday, clean up your act!

2. The “Cap lock” kid…

When the internet was new, most people understood a lack of computer savvy. One thing that many people did was to send emails in full capital letters. It meant your were “shouting” at people. Today, however, it has evolved into a new meaning: You don’t care about email decorum and because that’s just plain rude, most everyone will ignore your message as well.

Don’t be that person! Use the proper rules of grammar when sending an electronic message. Also, avoid that “reply to all” button. Most all emails are between a couple of people. When others see something in their inbox which doesn’t pertain to them, it wastes their time. Apply a little respect please.

3. The “Town Crier”…

It’s perfectly fine to talk a bit about things other than work during the day. But some folks just don’t know when to shut up! They talk about everything, know everything, and invite themselves into every conversation. Learn this: No one likes that kind of co-worker.

If you can add something of interest or importance to a discourse, fine. Just don’t over do it. And don’t feel that you will be heard because of the number of words you speak. Related “no-no’s” include a condescending tone of voice, criticizing others, and always having to get that last word in on everything.

4. Mr. “Lazy”…

Man, how we hate the lazy, slothful worker! They’ve usually been around for a while, (only God knows how or why), and don’t give a hoot about their job. They are the last one to show up for work, but manage to be the first one out at lunch and quitting time.

And it never seems to fail that if a project is done wrong, or is incomplete, that person had something to do with it. Hey, your co-workers get it; you don’t really want to be there. Well, guess what, most of them don’t like working either. But the bottom line is simple: do your job or quit…otherwise you are a nuisance!

5. The “Air Pollution” lunch maker…

Americans have made great strides in cleaning up the air we breath. But, man, it all seems for naught when somebody warms up that stinky stuff in the lunchroom microwave. People don’t even want to know what is in that thing! What’s worse, others have to put their food in the very same “nuker.”

Hey we all have different tastes for food. But despite that, have a little courtesy at the office. The workplace is shared space, and to set off a “stink bomb” that wafts throughout the whole office is just plain bad manners. Eat that stuff at home, please!

6. Being a “Credit Hog”…    

Wow, if you want a “fast track” to hatred among your peers, take credit for the work of others! Yeah, it can be a “dog eat dog,” politically charged environment on a job. But the rule of the jungle…”only the strong survive”…isn’t always true when it comes to bosses and work mates.

Yes, it’s okay to take credit for your contributions and ideas. But make sure you have a “team effort” mentality. Most people in the office, as well as, “higher ups” can see and appreciate a spirit of collaboration, and that goes a lot further than you may think. Heck, you may even get a raise! Okay, we’ll just leave it at appreciation for now.

7. You invented “Annoyance” at work…

Yep, every office has them. People who drum their fingers on the desk, read out loud, or do that “sucking thing” with their mouth. Geez…knock it off, please! There you are trying to concentrate on something, or talk on the phone, and there’s a major “irritation situation” going on in the cube next to you.

It’s possible that some of these people don’t even know that they do these things. So, give them the benefit of the doubt and politely bring it to their attention. But if the problem persists, don’t go gossiping to others, or putting them down. Simply go talk to the supervisor and let them handle it.

8. Not a fan of “Miss Manners”…

No matter what, practicing good manners is smart in all aspects of life, and work is no exception. It takes a small second to say “please” and “thank you.” Others really respond to things like this. Tell a co-worker you appreciate their help with, or attention to, a matter. Trust the experts, you won’t “explode into flames” if you practice this respectful type of behavior!

Also, avoid open confrontations with people. It’s unpleasant and disruptive at work. If you expect a talk may get out of hand, take it behind closed doors and out of ear shot of others.

Look, a great number of people are there with you at work because they have to be, just like you. So understanding this, don’t be the one who helps to make the experience worse. Don’t add the stress of becoming an “outcast” to the rest of the everyday work hassles!

*Reference: “huffingtonpost.com”


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